Can pregnant women to drink fresh milk without sugar?

Drinking fresh milk without sugar is considered a great alternative for pregnant women who cannot drink regular milk. With its rich nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals, drinking fresh milk helps keep the mother’s body strong and the baby develops comprehensively. Learn more about this type of milk in the article below!

Can pregnant women to drink fresh milk without sugar
Can pregnant women to drink fresh milk without sugar

Can pregnant women drink fresh milk without sugar?

The answer to the question of whether pregnant women can drink unsweetened fresh milk is a definite YES. Fresh milk is rich in nutrients, providing essential vitamins and minerals for both the mother and fetus. Moreover, as sugar has been removed, drinking unsweetened fresh milk helps prevent excessive weight gain. According to research, 100ml of 100% fresh milk contains 74 kcal, 3.1g protein, 3.2g fat, 120mg calcium, trace elements of carbohydrates, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins A, D, B2, and B12.

Uses of sugar-free milk for pregnant women

To know how good and how good it is for pregnant women to drink fresh milk without sugar, let’s refer to the great benefits of fresh milk below:

Provides calcium for both mother and baby

According to health experts, the fetus in the womb needs a daily supply of 50-330mg of calcium to support the development of its teeth and bones. Additionally, the mother needs to provide enough calcium to her body to prevent the risks of osteoporosis and hypocalcemia during pregnancy.

Therefore, pregnant women need to provide their bodies with 1000-1200mg of calcium daily, to meet the calcium needs of both the mother and the baby. Fresh milk without sugar is a good source of calcium (120mg/100ml), but the increased calcium needs during pregnancy may require more than just drinking milk. Pregnant women should consult with their doctor about their diet and consider supplementing with NextG Cal calcium to ensure their calcium needs are met throughout pregnancy.

Protein supplement for growing baby

Health experts say that protein plays an important role in supporting fetal development, as well as improving blood flow and nourishing the growing fetus. If a pregnant woman does not consume enough protein, it may result in a low birth weight baby. One cup of milk contains 8-9g of protein, but pregnant women may need to drink an additional 3 cups of milk per day to meet their daily protein requirements during pregnancy. Along with milk, they should also consider incorporating other protein-rich foods into their diet.

Can pregnant women to drink fresh milk without sugar
Can pregnant women to drink fresh milk without sugar

Reduce heartburn during pregnancy

Pregnant women who drink fresh milk without sugar also help reduce problems related to the digestive system, including heartburn, making pregnant women more comfortable and comfortable.

Stay hydrated

During pregnancy, a woman’s daily water requirements are higher than usual. It is essential to consume sufficient water, as it helps with metabolic processes, regulates the mother’s body temperature, and ensures a sufficient amount of amniotic fluid for the fetus, reducing the risk of urinary tract infections during pregnancy. Drinking fresh milk without sugar can provide both hydration and nutrition for the mother’s body.

Prevention of rickets in children

Health experts recommend that pregnant women consume 400 IU of Vitamin D daily. One cup of fresh milk without sugar provides 115 to 124 IU of Vitamin D. To fully meet the daily requirement, it is recommended that pregnant women drink 3 cups of milk per day and also expose themselves to morning sunlight, which will help prevent rickets in children.

How to drink fresh milk without sugar to enter the baby

To consume unsweetened fresh milk during pregnancy, the following principles should be followed:

– Pregnant women should consume unsweetened fresh milk in moderation and should not consume excessive amounts at once.

– Pregnant women should aim to consume between 400-600ml of unsweetened fresh milk per day, divided into 2-3 servings for easier digestion and absorption by the body.

– It is recommended to purchase unsweetened fresh milk with a fat content of 1-2% to prevent excessive weight gain.

Can pregnant women to drink fresh milk without sugar
Can pregnant women to drink fresh milk without sugar

Sugar-free milk during pregnancy

When pregnant women choose to drink unsweetened fresh milk, they can choose between two types: pasteurized and unpasteurized. It is recommended for pregnant and lactating women to opt for pasteurized fresh milk for safety purposes.

Fresh milk

Pasteurized fresh milk is subjected to a heat treatment of 140 degrees Celsius for 4-6 seconds, which eliminates harmful bacteria. This makes it safe for consumption by pregnant women and lactating women. However, it is worth noting that the high-temperature processing can decrease the nutritional value of the milk.

Pasteurized fresh milk

Compared to pasteurized fresh milk, unpasteurized fresh milk is processed at a lower temperature of 72-90 degrees Celsius for 15-30 seconds, which may result in the presence of harmful bacteria. Hence, health experts do not recommend that pregnant women consume unpasteurized fresh milk.

Can pregnant women to drink fresh milk without sugar
Can pregnant women to drink fresh milk without sugar

Note when pregnant women drink unsweetened fresh milk

Fresh milk is a great source of essential nutrients for the body, but it should not be abused by pregnant women. To ensure the best effects of fresh milk, mothers should follow these guidelines:

– Consume 400-600ml of unsweetened milk per day, divided into 2-3 portions.

– Choose fresh milk with low-fat content (1-2%) to avoid excessive weight gain.

– Do not heat milk above 90 degrees Celsius to preserve its nutritional value.

– Avoid mixing fresh milk with chocolate as it can reduce the calcium content and increase the risk of gestational diabetes.

– Do not drink fresh milk with fruit juices as it can cause digestive problems and impact absorption.

– Check the expiry date of the milk before consumption.

In conclusion, unsweetened fresh milk provides important nutrients for pregnant women and their babies, so mothers can enjoy it as part of a healthy diet. Just remember to follow the guidelines to maximize its benefits.


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