Does skipping breakfast affect height?

There are several factors that determine one’s potential for height development, with nutrition accounting for up to 32% of it. To provide the necessary nutrients for overall physical growth and height in particular, the first principle is to have regular, complete meals. However, many individuals, including children and teenagers going through puberty, skip breakfast. So, does skipping breakfast impact height? Let’s explore this with Mom Baby Blog!

Does skipping breakfast affect height?
Does skipping breakfast affect height?

The relationship between nutrition and height

According to statistics, in Vietnam, women between the ages of 20-24 have an average height of 153 cm, while men have an average height of 167.7 cm. It might come as a surprise to many that genetics only accounts for about 23% of this variance. The breakdown is as follows:

– Nutrition contributes to 32%.

– Physical activity and exercise account for approximately 20%.

– The remaining factors include sleep, living environment, mental well-being, and more.

Therefore, genetics is an unalterable factor, but dietary habits are entirely adjustable.

According to the Ministry of Health, malnutrition and stunting in children under 5 years old in Vietnam make up around 25% – a relatively high figure. The zinc deficiency rate in this age group reaches 69.4%, while pregnant women have an 80.3% zinc deficiency rate.

For over the past 30 years, the actual calcium intake of the Vietnamese population has only met about 50-60% of the recommended daily intake. The deficiency rate of vitamin D among Vietnamese is between 20% – 40%, with approximately 8.9% suffering from severe deficiency. Vietnamese people are also lacking 30-50% of the recommended daily magnesium intake. These micronutrient deficiencies are the primary causes of physical growth and height restrictions in the Vietnamese population.

According to information from the National Institute of Nutrition, at 3 years old, children can attain about 54% of their maximum height, at 12 years old, 32%, and at 18 years old, only 14% remains. Therefore, a proper nutritional regimen needs to be established from childhood as a scientifically sound approach to height growth. Scientific nutrition is not just about providing all the essential nutrients but also about having regular and timely meals.

Does Skipping Breakfast Affect Height?

The question of whether skipping breakfast affects height has a definite answer from nutrition experts. Why does skipping breakfast impact height development?

Nutritional Deficiency

If you skip breakfast, your body will suffer from a lack of nutrients. Activities in the morning require the use of energy stored in fat, muscles, and the liver, among other places. Over time, this nutritional deficiency can hinder physical growth and height. Individuals who habitually skip breakfast and forgo regular meals are at risk of physical weakness, fatigue, and reduced physical activity.

Missing the Optimal Time for Nutrient Absorption

Morning is considered the best time of day for the body to absorb nutrients, especially those essential for bone development. Natural sunlight in the morning helps the body absorb calcium more efficiently. This is beneficial for your height development.

Impact on Stomach Function

After a long night’s sleep, you wake up with an empty stomach. When hunger strikes, the stomach releases gastric juices to digest food. However, because you skipped breakfast, your stomach contracts without anything to digest, resulting in uncomfortable, gurgling noises. Repeated instances of this can lead to stomach discomfort and even gastric ulcers. When the stomach is compromised, nutrient absorption is hindered, restricting physical growth.

Skipping Breakfast Increases the Risk of Overweight

Skipping breakfast often leads to increased food consumption during lunch and dinner, and may even encourage snacking to control hunger. This, in turn, raises the risk of becoming overweight or obese. When your weight exceeds healthy limits, your skeletal structure experiences added pressure, making it difficult to develop in terms of height.

Other Effects of Skipping Breakfast

In addition to impacting physical development and height, skipping breakfast can have significant effects on your health, such as:

– Skipping breakfast makes you prone to low blood sugar, with symptoms like shaky hands, rapid heartbeat, nausea, dizziness, and more.

– When you don’t provide your body with timely energy through breakfast, it starts to tap into stored energy from the liver and muscles. Repeatedly doing so can lead to a decrease in liver function and muscle mass.

– Bile is continuously secreted when we sleep and stored in the gallbladder. Skipping breakfast can lead to bile stagnation, increasing the risk of gallbladder inflammation.

– Skipping breakfast can result in fatigue, reduced concentration, and a negative impact on academic and work performance.

– Numerous studies show that people who habitually skip breakfast are more susceptible to colds and flu.

How to Have a Height-Optimizing Breakfast?

Does skipping breakfast affect height? The answer is certainly yes. Instead of skipping breakfast, we should have a full breakfast with foods that support height development. What should you eat for breakfast to increase your height? If you don’t know the answer, don’t miss these suggestions:

– Consume protein and iron-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs, and nutrient-rich nuts. These are essential for energy regeneration and muscle development.

– Starchy foods like rice, noodles, potatoes, and corn provide the primary source of energy for your body. They help maintain alertness, flexibility, and responsiveness in the morning.

– Seasonal fruits provide essential vitamins and minerals for your body.

– Milk and dairy products are rich sources of calcium, vitamin D, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, and more. These are top-priority minerals for height development.

– Fish oil or fatty fish with abundant vitamin A stimulate collagen production in bone tissue. Fish oil also provides vitamin D, a crucial nutrient for calcium absorption and bone cell formation.

Many of us underestimate the importance of breakfast and tend to skip it. However, this is an unscientific habit that we should change. Does skipping breakfast affect height? Negative health effects can impact our body’s nutrient absorption, making us less physically active, leading to slower or stunted height growth.

Instead of skipping breakfast, you should have a timely and nutritious breakfast. Energy from breakfast accounts for approximately 30% of the total daily energy supply to our bodies. To maintain a healthy body and optimize height development, prioritize having breakfast. To maximize height development, include height-boosting nutrients in your morning meal!


Does skipping breakfast really affect height?

Yes, skipping breakfast can have an impact on height. Breakfast provides essential nutrients and energy needed for overall growth, including height development. Skipping this meal can lead to a lack of nutrients required for proper growth.

How does skipping breakfast affect height?

Skipping breakfast can lead to nutritional deficiencies, hinder energy levels, and result in a reduced intake of height-promoting nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, and protein. Over time, this can restrict physical growth and potentially affect your final height.

What are the other health effects of skipping breakfast?

In addition to height, skipping breakfast can result in various health issues, including low blood sugar, muscle and liver depletion, gallbladder problems, fatigue, reduced concentration, and a higher susceptibility to illnesses like colds and flu.

What should a height-optimizing breakfast include?

A height-optimizing breakfast should include foods rich in protein, iron, starchy carbohydrates, seasonal fruits, and dairy products for essential nutrients like calcium and vitamin D. Fatty fish or fish oil supplements are also recommended for height development.

Is it too late to make a difference in height if I’ve been skipping breakfast for a while?

It’s never too late to make positive changes. While the earlier in life you establish good nutritional habits, the better, adopting a balanced breakfast and a healthy diet can still have a positive impact on overall growth, even if you’ve been skipping breakfast for some time.

Are there specific breakfast foods that can boost height growth?

Foods like eggs, lean meats, fish, milk, and fortified cereals are excellent choices as they provide essential nutrients like protein, calcium, and vitamin D that support height development. Including a variety of these foods in your breakfast can be beneficial.

What are some practical tips to ensure a healthy breakfast for height growth?

Make sure your breakfast is balanced and includes a mix of protein, carbohydrates, and nutrients. Plan your meals ahead of time, and avoid skipping breakfast. Incorporate height-promoting foods into your morning routine to support healthy growth.

Can a single skipped breakfast significantly affect height?

While one skipped breakfast won’t have a substantial impact, consistent neglect of this meal can lead to cumulative nutrient deficiencies over time. It’s the long-term habit of skipping breakfast that may affect height development.

Are there any additional factors beyond breakfast that influence height growth?

Yes, height growth is influenced by various factors, including genetics, overall nutrition, physical activity, sleep, living environment, and mental well-being. A well-rounded

What age is most critical for height development?

Height development is most critical during childhood and adolescence. The earlier you establish healthy nutritional habits and lifestyle choices, the better your chances of maximizing your potential height. However, height development can continue into early adulthood to a lesser extent.


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