#Does swimming make you taller? Effects of swimming on the body

Swimming is a form of exercise that brings many health benefits, but does swimming make you taller? Although how tall a person grows will depend on many factors, including age and genetics, swimming is a great way to improve height. Regular swimming helps decompress the spine and develop back muscles, which can lead to rapid height gain in a short time. In the article below, let’s join https://mombabyblog.com/ to find out the effects of swimming on the height growth of the body!

Does swimming make you taller? What does science say?

Swimming is a popular sport and many people wonder “does swimming make you taller?”

Research has shown that swimming helps to remove gravity from your spine, thereby allowing the spine to decompress and make us look taller. Although swimming has benefits in stretching the body, it is not sustained if you stop exercising for long periods of time.

Does swimming make you taller?
Does swimming make you taller?

Swimming helps to stretch the muscles in the body, it increases energy levels and expands the chest and shoulders. More importantly, this sport helps to stimulate the pituitary gland to increase the production of growth hormone, which helps promote rapid height growth. The more time you spend swimming, the taller you can become in no time. This is because your body is stretched during the workout. Furthermore, swimming helps stretch your joints, limbs and spine. Therefore, it is a great method to add a few inches to your height and keep you healthy and active.

That said, we can see that growing taller by swimming is not an overnight thing. Swimming is a sport that requires tremendous time and effort. If you want to reap its benefits, you need to swim regularly. It should be noted that swimming cannot help improve your height once your growth plates have fused. It can only come into play when you’re in the development phase. Besides, you need to combine swimming with other stretching exercises such as cycling, hanging, yoga to achieve the maximum effect of increasing height.

Why does swimming make you taller?

A lot of people wonder “does swimming make you taller and why does swimming make you taller?”. When swimming, your body is supported to help remove pressure on the spine and discs. This allows your spine to decompress and possibly lengthen. If you stimulate growth hormone in the body, you can increase a few centimeters in height from the spine. Because of this, there will be more fluid in between the spines and help to improve height rapidly.

Why does swimming make you taller?
Why does swimming make you taller?

In addition, swimming strengthens the muscles around your spine and can lead to an increase in height as your spine is stretched and toned. Furthermore, swimming improves your posture and it contributes to maximizing your genetic development potential.

What is the best way to swim to increase height?

If you wonder “does swimming make you taller” then apply these swimming methods immediately to see results!

Front crawl

Front crawl (or freestyle) primarily uses chest, upper back, triceps, abs, and thighs to swim. This move is the fastest way for you to practice longer. Therefore, this way of swimming becomes a good choice to control weight, burn calories and increase height. In addition, focusing on these positions, your body will move more muscles, which is good for muscle flexibility and joint mobility.


Backstroke is a swim that utilizes your chest, upper back, shoulders, core, and legs. This exercise will focus on your opponent’s muscles and help your muscles develop on the front and back equally. Besides, swiping the arms back will also cause the spine to decompress, effectively lengthening the upper body.



You don’t know that “does swimming make you taller?”. So you can apply the butterfly stroke. This move targets your shoulders, arms, chest, back, core, and legs. This is the hardest and most challenging exercise, it requires a lot more strength and endurance.

However, when you are skillful, your height will be significantly improved when applying this swimming method regularly. That’s because the butterfly move helps your arms stretch out during the exercise. From there, your body becomes flexible and expands to its maximum height.


Breaststroke works your shoulders, chest, upper back, triceps, glutes, and legs. This swim is very effective if you want a short but challenging workout. Among the swimming moves mentioned above, breaststroke helps to increase height the most because it makes the whole body elongate.


Some other benefits of swimming for the body

A lot of people believe in the correlation between swimming and height growth. So “does swimming make you taller?” In addition, what effects does it have on the human body?

Burn calories

Swimming is a perfect choice if you want to burn calories quickly. Depending on your body weight, the amount of calories burned will vary. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds, you can burn 432 calories per hour swimming at a medium or low pace. However, if you swim at a high speed, you can burn more than 715 calories.

Lower stress

Regular swimming will help your body reduce the secretion of adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol. At the same time, swimming aids in boosting feel-good endorphins. So, if you feel stressed due to study or work, go swimming now.

Swimming will help your body reduce the stress
Swimming will help your body reduce the stress

Supports the body’s cardiovascular system

Your lungs and heart will become healthier when you swim. A study has shown that children with asthma who swim regularly have good improvements in heart health. Besides, regular swimming can help reduce the risk of death. Statistics show that among swimmers, about half are at risk of death compared with inactive people.

Reduce the risk of injury

Swimming is a low-impact workout so it doesn’t have the same chance of injury as playing soccer or rugby. While swimming, your whole body will be massaged and relaxed.

In short, “does swimming make you taller?”. You need to invest a lot in the training journey if you want to achieve the desired height. When participating in swimming or any other sport with the desire to improve height, always be patient and do not give up. Besides, the most important thing is that you must have a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep and a reasonable diet to promote height growth in a short time.

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