#Does working out make you taller? Top 5 best exercises to increase height

Does exercise make you taller?” This is a question that has been debated a lot. Some say it’s impossible, but others claim that they can gain a few inches with some daily exercise. Is that true or not? The answer will be provided by https://mombabyblog.com/ in this article.

Can the height of the body be increased?

Before discussing “does exercise make you taller?” We want to mention how the human body develops. We all know that human growth hormone (HGH) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) are two very important substances for the body’s growth. They help increase the lengthening and hardening of bones, and this is how you get taller.

Can the height of the body be increased?
Can the height of the body be increased?

And when this array closes, it is assumed that a person’s height cannot grow any further. But in some cases, some people who have gone through the growth phase in adulthood can still increase their height. This can happen in the body when their growth plates are still open.

Does working out make you taller?

So, does working out make you taller? In some cases, exercise can affect your height because it promotes growth hormone in the body. The growth plates remain open when you are a child or teen. Whenever your body also secretes growth hormone, this signals the bone is in the growing stage and some plaques move into the bone.

When puberty ends, the growth plates merge. Therefore, the HGH level in the body is higher so it cannot help the body’s height increase. However, you can do some stretches and exercises to improve your posture, help you stay upright, and possibly make you look taller.

What age should exercise to improve height?

You need to exercise to increase height from an early age while the bones are still growing. Performing the right exercises will help the body secrete the necessary height growth hormones, thereby helping to increase height quickly. Furthermore, these exercises can help tone and strengthen your body’s muscles.

What age should exercise to improve height?
What age should exercise to improve height?

As you age, your bones can weaken, leading to fractures and poor posture. The slow wear and tear of bones can change the height of the body. So exercise can prevent osteoporosis, making you look taller and healthier.

List of 5 best exercises to increase height

Does exercise make you taller? The answer is yes. Practicing regular exercises can help tone and increase your leg muscles. In addition, they also have a good effect in the release of growth hormones necessary for the process of increasing body height. Check out the top 5 workouts below!


Swimming is a simple and refreshing exercise that stretches almost all parts of the body and it helps to increase your height. Swimming for at least 5 hours a week can do wonders, making you look taller in a short time. In addition, this is one of the best cardiovascular exercises to help you lose weight effectively. Remember that overweight people often look shorter, so keeping a healthy weight is necessary to increase height.

Swimming helps to increase height
Swimming helps to increase height


This is one of the simplest exercises and you can do it anywhere, anytime. You need to hang your body from a bar to help stretch your muscles, especially those around the spine and lower back. In addition, this exercise also helps to improve your posture and reduce the impact of gravity on your height. If you are wondering “does working out make you taller”, this will be a very effective exercise.

Jumping exercises

Jumping exercises are another effective way to get taller. While jumping, the muscles of your legs and spine are stretched by the force of lifting your feet off the ground. Moreover, this exercise also helps to increase blood supply to the bones, promote growth hormones and improve bone density effectively.

Jumping exercises helps to increase height
Jumping exercises helps to increase height

Some of the best jumping exercises you can do are jump rope, jump in place, vertical jump, and squat jump. In addition, you can try playing basketball because it includes jumping movements that help develop muscles and increase blood supply to parts of the body.

Stretching exercises

Does working out make you taller? If you don’t know how to improve height, you can do stretching exercises. Exercises to stretch the cobra, stretch the hip, stretch the spine will help you increase height, as long as you do it correctly. Stretching is very easy as they do not require you to prepare any equipment.


If you want to improve your height, why don’t you try cycling? You should start cycling at puberty to better lengthen your legs. In addition, you should raise the height of the saddle to effectively lengthen the body. If teen kids love to ride a bike, encourage them to do it more often to reach their optimal height soon.

Cycling exercises helps to increase height
Cycling exercises helps to increase height

When is the best time to exercise to increase height?

Afternoon is the ideal time to do exercises if you want to get taller. Because:

– Your muscles are most active and flexible in the late afternoon and early evening.

– Your body’s joints are most supple during this time.

– Your body temperature in the afternoon is also at its highest.

– Importantly, if you’re having a stressful day, exercise can help release these feelings and make you feel like a new person.

Note when performing exercises to increase height

Are you wondering “does exercise make you taller” and are you up to applying exercise every day? Take note of the following important notes:

– Daily workout is easy but you need a detailed plan to achieve your height increase goal.

– Create a balanced routine, for example 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week, or you can combine moderate and vigorous exercise.

– Start cautiously and progress slowly to increase your body’s endurance.

– Choose the ideal time to exercise each day.

– Plan to do different exercises to target different parts of your body.

– Listen to your own body and take a break if you feel unsatisfied.

In short, does exercise make you taller? Although exercise does not directly affect your height, it does help your body reach its potential. Even if you have passed puberty, you should not stop exercising because it will definitely make your body stronger.

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