Top 22 best effective exercises to increase height naturally

Height is a very important factor that affects our first impression and it can even be linked with power, confidence, attractiveness and career opportunities. So, if you are struggling to get the height you want and are constantly looking for effective height increase exercises then this list of 22 exercises to increase height below will help you.

Why are we always looking for the best exercise to increase height?

The height of the human body can be influenced by many factors such as external environment, hormones, genes and nutrition. Combating these influences is difficult but not impossible. If you have high determination and know how to choose the best exercises to increase height, you can quickly improve your height even in your twenties.

Exercise is one of the best ways to increase height fast and grow taller. Combining exercise with a healthy diet, full of nutrients, especially protein will help your height soon improve. Here is how to increase height with some of the best stretching exercises to make you taller in a short time.

#Top 22 best effective exercises to increase height naturally
#Top 22 best effective exercises to increase height naturally

List of 12 effective stretching exercises to increase height

Engaging in exercises can stimulate growth factors, promote bone health, and optimize posture, ultimately leading to an increase in height. But do you know which one is ideal, or any physical activity does help? Below are the top 5 exercises to increase height you should not miss.

Hanging exercises

Hanging exercises are a fantastic way to decompress the spine, stretch the muscles, and improve overall posture. Here is how to perform them.

– Hang from a bar: Find a sturdy horizontal bar. Grab it with an overhand grip, relax your body, and allow your spine to decompress by hanging freely. Aim to hang for at least 20-30 seconds and gradually increase the duration as you build strength.

– Knee-to-chest hang: Hang from the bar as described above, then slowly bring your knees up towards your chest while maintaining a relaxed grip. Hold this position for a few seconds until feeling the stretch in your lower back and hamstrings.

– Ankle weights for hanging: After mastering this, consider adding ankle weights to increase the intensity and challenge your muscles further. Start with lightweight weights and gradually increase the resistance over time.

Cobra stretch

The cobra stretch primarily targets the muscles in the lower back and abdomen, promoting spinal extension and flexibility. Follow these steps to perform the cobra stretch correctly!

– Lie face down on the floor with your palms beside your shoulders.

– Push your upper body off the ground, extending your arms while keeping your hips and lower body in contact with the floor.

– Bend your back gently and lift your chin upwards, maintaining a comfortable stretch without straining.

– Hold the position for 20-30 seconds, breathing deeply throughout the stretch.

– Slowly lower your body back down to the initial position.

Cat stretch

The cat stretch is an excellent exercise for elongating the spine, improving flexibility, and releasing tension in the back.

– Begin on all fours and round your back gently, like a cat.

– Tuck your chin towards your chest and pull your abdominal muscles inwards.

– Hold the position for a few seconds, feeling the stretch along your entire spine.

– Release and return to the initial position.

– Bend your back in the opposite direction, raising your chest towards the ceiling while gently lifting your head.

– Hold this position for seconds, feeling the stretch in the lower back and abdomen.

– Return to the initial position and repeat the whole sequence several times.


Squats are renowned for their ability to target multiple muscle groups simultaneously, including the legs, hips, and core, to enhance overall lower body strength and stability. Also, they help promote growth hormone production, supporting height increase.

– Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly turned out.

– Engage your core and maintain an upright posture.

– Bend your knees and lower your hips as if sitting back in a chair.

– Lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the ground, or as close as you comfortably can.

– Push through your heels to return to the starting position.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are a dynamic and fun exercise that combines cardiovascular benefits with strength training. They help burn calories and maintain a healthy weight, supporting overall health and height potential.

– Stand with your feet together and arms by your sides.

– Jump wide and lift your arms above your head at the same time.

– Land softly as you bring your feet back together and lower your arms to the starting position.

– Repeat the motion in a fluid and continuous manner.


Pilates is a low-impact exercise method that focuses on core muscles, improving posture and spinal alignment. They also target deep stabilizing muscles, promoting a balanced and lengthened appearance. Below are some pilates you should try.

– Spine-stretching forward: Sit straight with your legs extended in front of you. Reach forward with both hands, exhaling as you round your spine and reach for your toes. Inhale as you return to the starting position.

– Leg circles: Lie on your back with your legs extended. Circle one leg clockwise, then counter-clockwise, keeping the movement controlled and engaging your core.

– The hundred: Lie on your back, lift your head and shoulders off the ground, and extend your legs at a 45-degree angle. Pump your arms up and down as you breathe rhythmically for a count of 100.

Triangle pose

This iconic yoga pose stretches and strengthens your whole body, mainly on your legs, hips, chest, and spine, promoting stability and balance.

– Stand with your feet wide apart, around 3-4 feet distance.

– Rotate your right foot outwards by 90 degrees and pivot your left foot slightly inwards.

– Extend your arms out to the sides, parallel to the floor.

– Move your hips to the right as you reach your right hand towards your right shin, ankle, or the floor.

– Lift your left arm straight up towards the ceiling, aligning it with your right arm.

– Turn your gaze towards your left hand or keep it straight ahead.

– Hold the pose for 30 seconds to a minute, breathing deeply.

– Repeat on the other side.

Downward-facing dog pose

This foundation yoga pose helps extend your arms, shoulders, hamstrings, and spine, promoting better posture.

– Begin with all fours positioned on the ground.

– Raise your knees off the ground, straightening your legs as much as you comfortably can.

– Press your hands firmly into the mat, spreading your fingers wide.

– Lengthen your spine and raise your upper body toward the ceiling, making a V shape.

– Relax your neck and gaze towards your thighs or navel.

– Hold the pose for 30 seconds to a minute, focusing on steady breathing.


Swimming is an excellent choice for height enhancement, offering a full-body workout and a low-impact and joint-friendly exercise. By incorporating freestyle stroke, butterfly stroke, and breaststroke into your swimming routine, you can reap the remarkable benefits of increased height, improved posture, strengthened muscles, and enhanced cardiovascular fitness.


Basketball is a high-intensity sport that consists of dynamic movements, jumping, and stretching. Here is how it can contribute to height enhancement.

– Basketball requires frequent jumping and reaching for the hoop, which can help lengthen the muscles and improve flexibility. The repetitive jumping motions can also stimulate the growth plates in the legs.

– Playing basketball strengthens various muscle groups, including the legs, core, and upper body, contributing to a more toned and elongated appearance.

– Basketball emphasizes good posture to optimize performance. Maintaining an upright posture while dribbling, passing, and shooting can promote spinal alignment, giving the illusion of increased height.


Volleyball is a fast-paced sport that involves jumping, reaching, and quick movements. Here is how it can aid in height enhancement.

– Volleyball requires frequent jumps and explosive movements to spike, block, and set the ball. These actions also engage the leg muscles and promote height growth potential.

– Hitting and blocking the ball require strong arm and shoulder muscles. Regular practice can strengthen these muscles, resulting in a more well-defined upper body.

– Volleyball demands good balance and core stability to perform various skills, such as setting and passing. Developing core strength through volleyball can help maintain good posture and alignment.

Bar hanging

Gravity affects your height because it compresses your spines and joints. That makes us look shorter. However, you can hang on a vertical rod which helps to overcome this problem.

While hanging from the bar, try to keep your arms, shoulders, and hips relaxed so that gravity pulls your body further away. Do this consistently and you will see results in no time. Alternatively, one can also add ankle weights for ideal results.

Pelvic shift

An exercise to increase height that you can apply is Pelvic shift. Sitting still for long hours can change the shape of your spine and this will affect your height. So try this pelvic shift to strengthen your lower abs, lower back, and support the muscles around your hips.

– Lie in an upright position.

– Next, lay your arms flat at your sides and keep your feet on the floor with your knees bent.

– You have to put pressure on your feet and slowly raise your hips.

– Try to keep your back straight and hold this position for about 3 deep breaths.

– Finally, return to the starting position and repeat 8 to 10 times.

Rope Skipping

An effective exercise to increase height that you must mention is Rope Skipping. It is also a great method to stay in shape that is practiced by many people.

Steps to follow:

– Do rope skipping and jump with both feet in sync with the cable.

– You can repeat this process as long as you can.

Forward bend

The forward bend is regular stretching exercises that help strengthen the muscles in the calves. Additionally, it helps lengthen your spine and add depth to your abs, while strengthening your lower back and promoting flexibility.

You do this by following these steps:

– Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart, and raise your arms to the sky.

– You will slowly bend your hips forward and try to touch your feet with your fingertips. Make sure your knees are straight.

– Continue to bend for 10-30 seconds. If you can’t reach your feet, don’t worry, do it every day to let your body adapt and become flexible.

Forward spine stretch

Please encourage your child to do this movement to connect the spine properly because it is a very effective exercise to increase height. The steps are as follows:

– First, sit with your back straight with your feet straight.

– Then slowly bend forward and try to reach your fingertips to extend the leg muscles.

– Hold the body in this position for 10-20 seconds.

– Finally, you move back to the sitting position slowly and repeat 3-4 times.

Dry land swim

Instead of going swimming, you can apply this pose to support your lower back muscles, helping to tone your arms and calves. From there, your height will improve in a short time.

– First, lie on your stomach with your body fully extended.

– Then, you bring your arms straight out in front of you with your palms facing down.

– You must raise your left arm higher than your right while lifting your right leg off the floor.

– Hold this position for 5 seconds and then repeat this process with the left leg and right hand.

– Do 3-4 sets at first and gradually increase over time.

Low Lunge Arch

The upper body is difficult to develop, however low arches can help strengthen and lengthen your back naturally. Doing this exercise will also help you effectively open your legs and shoulders.

The steps to follow are:

– Use your fingers to lock the palms of your hands and extend your arms straight out in front of your right leg.

– Next, bend your right leg and straighten your left leg while doing step 1.

– You need to stretch as much as you can and hold the pose for 30 seconds. Finally, do the same on the other side.


If you are in your teens, this is the right age to start cycling – a very effective height increase exercise. Adolescence is the time when most people can reach their maximum height. Therefore, you need to exercise regularly to develop a comprehensive body.

Cycling can be considered as the best exercise for teenagers to make their legs stretch and add a few inches to their body. Many young people apply this exercise and have grown in height in a remarkable way.

Single Leg Hopping

Hopping on a single leg is an interesting and highly effective exercise to increase height. This height growth exercise strengthens the abs and promises an all round workout for your lower body in a short time.

– Steps you need to follow:

– First, hop on your left foot ten times.

– Make sure the position of your hands is straight up towards the sky.

– Hop on your right foot similar to the left foot.

Child Pose

The Child Pose is really great at gently stretching different parts of your body, thereby helping to reduce back pain and increase height effectively. This exercise to increase height very gently stretches your spine, thereby improving blood circulation in your body and reducing stress on your lower back muscles.

Steps you need to follow:

– First, kneel on the floor with your butt pressed against your heels.

– Next, place your hands on your thighs, lower into your thighs, and lean forward with your arms straight on the floor.

– Finally, rest your forehead on the floor, relax your body and focus on your breath.

Wake Up Stretching

Stretching exercises that put your muscles out are great for your body and they’ll be more effective when you do them as soon as you wake up. Stretching in the morning will allow fluid to flow freely in the discs of the spinal cord. If these discs are compressed, the space between your vertebrae narrows. This will not be good for your height growth, so if your discs expand, you will grow a little taller.

Steps you need to follow:

– First, extend your arms above your head. You need to apply enough force and stretch to feel the stretch. Then hold the stretch for 30 seconds, relax your body, and pull back.

– Start with your back straight and extend your arms and legs to reach the sky. You need to hold for 15 to 20 seconds and repeat.

To sum up,

In the quest to increase height, incorporating the specific exercises mentioned above into your routine can make a remarkable difference. Remember, consistency, patience, and a holistic approach including proper nutrition and lifestyle choices are key factors. So, embrace these activities, stay dedicated, and stand tall as you unlock your true height potential.


What are some effective exercises to increase height?

Some effective exercises to increase height include hanging exercises, such as hanging from a bar or using inversion equipment, as well as stretching exercises like the cobra stretch, the bridge pose, and the cat-camel stretch.

How often should I perform height-increasing exercises?

It is recommended to perform height-increasing exercises at least 3-4 times a week for optimal results. Consistency and regularity are key.

Can stretching exercises help in increasing height?

Yes, stretching exercises can help increase height by elongating the spine and improving posture. They help decompress the spinal discs and create space between vertebrae.

Are there specific yoga poses that can aid in height growth?

Yes, certain yoga poses can aid in height growth. Some beneficial yoga poses include the mountain pose, tree pose, triangle pose, and the sun salutation sequence.

Are there any recommended exercises for teenagers to increase their height?

Absolutely! There are specific exercises suitable for teenagers to increase their height. These exercises focus on stretching and strengthening the muscles, improving posture, and promoting healthy growth. Examples include skipping rope, swimming, cycling, and various stretching exercises.

Can weightlifting exercises hinder height growth?

No, weightlifting exercises do not hinder height growth. In fact, strength training exercises can help improve overall posture, muscle strength, and bone density, which can contribute to a taller appearance.

Are there any exercises to improve posture and enhance height appearance?

Yes, exercises that improve posture, such as the wall angel exercise, shoulder blade squeeze, and planks, can help enhance height appearance by aligning the spine and promoting better posture.

Are there any height-increasing exercises suitable for adults?

Yes, there are exercises suitable for adults to increase height. These exercises mainly focus on stretching, core strengthening, and spine decompression. Examples include yoga, Pilates, swimming, and regular stretching routines.

Can swimming or cycling contribute to height growth?

While swimming and cycling are excellent forms of exercise, they do not directly contribute to height growth. However, they promote overall fitness, strengthen muscles, and improve posture, which indirectly supports a healthy growth environment.

Are there any height-increasing exercises that can be done at home without equipment?

Yes, there are several height-increasing exercises that can be done at home without equipment. These include stretching exercises like toe touches, standing forward bends, and seated spinal twists. Additionally, bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, and planks can also be beneficial for overall fitness and posture.

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