Is Height Growth Through Sound Waves Real? What Types of Sound Waves Are There?

Recently, a new method for height growth has emerged, claiming to increase height quickly, painlessly, without the need for a scientific diet or daily exercise – the use of sound waves. But is height growth through sound waves real, and what types of sound waves are in use? Let’s explore these topics in the following article.

What Are Sound Waves?

Sound waves are mechanical vibrations with ultrasonic frequencies that can propagate through gases, liquids, and solids. These ultrasonic frequencies are beyond the range of human hearing and typically require amplification technology, most commonly headphones, for detection.

Characteristics of Sound Waves

In gaseous and liquid environments, sound waves are longitudinal waves, meaning they oscillate in the direction of propagation. In solid materials, sound waves can be either longitudinal or transverse, depending on the material’s elasticity.

Is Height Growth Through Sound Waves Real? What Types of Sound Waves Are There?
Is Height Growth Through Sound Waves Real? What Types of Sound Waves Are There?

Sources of Sound Waves

Sound waves originate from vibrating objects, and their frequency corresponds to the source’s vibrating frequency.

Sound Waves are Ultrasonic

Sound waves are classified based on their frequency, and they include various types:

Binaural Sound Waves

– These sound waves have a mild intensity of approximately 4.5 Hz, creating a comfortable listening experience. Binaural sound wave files are typically at least 60 minutes long.

– Some claims suggest that binaural sound waves may influence eye color, genetics, and nutrient metabolism in the human body.

– While considered safe and gentle, it is advisable not to listen to them excessively, with a maximum recommended frequency of twice per day.

Subliminal Sound Waves

– Subliminal sound waves have much higher frequencies than binaural waves, with an intensity of 2 dB and a frequency reaching 100 Hz.

– Each subliminal sound wave file is relatively short, usually not exceeding 10 minutes.

– Subliminal sound waves are not naturally occurring sounds but rather a combination of various artificial waves.

– It is not recommended to spend too much time listening to subliminal sound waves to ensure the safety of your health.

Can Sound Waves Increase Height?

We are often familiar with methods for increasing height, such as proper nutrition, daily physical exercise, adequate sleep, and the avoidance of bad habits. Most of these methods require a significant investment of time, physical effort, and the discipline to break bad habits in order to achieve noticeable height growth. Therefore, the information regarding height increase through sound waves has raised doubts about its authenticity.

The Claims About Height Growth Through Sound Waves

Numerous internet articles suggest that sound waves have significantly contributed to the height growth process among the Japanese population. These sound waves are believed to impact the body’s meridian system, thereby directly influencing various organs and promoting height growth. However, upon closer examination of height increase practices in Japan, one would find that there is very little mention of sound waves as a contributing factor, with the focus being primarily on changes in diet and lifestyle.

As a result, the efficacy and safety of using sound waves for height increase have not been thoroughly studied or evaluated. Individuals should exercise caution when considering this method, as it could potentially have adverse effects on their health.

The Purported Benefits of Height Increase Through Sound Waves

Internet sources that promote height increase through sound waves claim that it can alter genetics, change eye color by removing existing pigmentation and adding selected pigments.

This type of sound is believed to have the potential to transform your appearance, especially concerning skin pigmentation, and stimulate height growth.

Additionally, it is said to be capable of altering hair color and improving memory, promoting mental relaxation.

However, the credibility of these claims remains highly questionable, as there is no scientific research or reports to substantiate the benefits of sound waves on human health.

Which Sound Waves Are Claimed to Increase Height?

The type of sound wave often claimed to support height growth is known as ‘Binaural Sound Waves.’ Regularly listening to Binaural sound waves is believed to potentially modify genetic structures, stimulate the meridian system within the body, and facilitate healthy height growth. However, it’s essential to note that these claims are largely anecdotal and lack convincing evidence.

Effectively Using Sound Waves for Height Increase

Although the use of sound waves for height increase has not been widely studied and recognized, those interested can experiment with this method to assess its effectiveness personally.

To listen to sound waves, you’ll need a quality pair of headphones.

The type of sound wave used for height increase is known as ‘Binaural Sound Waves.’ Each Binaural sound file typically lasts for 60 minutes, and it is recommended not to listen to it more than twice a day. Therefore, you can allocate an hour each day to listen to Binaural sound waves for height increase. The impact of sound waves on the body can vary from person to person due to differences in sound perception. After 1-2 months of listening to sound waves, monitor your health, mental state, and height to evaluate whether this sound type is contributing to your height gain.

What to Consider When Using Sound Waves for Height Increase

To effectively and safely use sound waves for height increase, keep the following points in mind:

– Choose a high-quality pair of headphones to ensure that the sound waves can affect your brain and meridian system effectively.

– Maximize your concentration while listening to sound waves to enable your brain to perceive them efficiently.

– Combine listening to sound waves with meditation to enhance focus.

– Choose a quiet, solitary space when using sound waves for height increase.

In addition to sound waves, if you aim for optimal height growth, pay attention to the following:

– Maintain a balanced and nutritious diet, ensuring regular meals with a diverse food menu, as nutrition significantly affects bone development.

– Engage in regular physical activity, selecting sports that promote rapid bone elongation, such as running, jumping rope, soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, or yoga, with a minimum of 60 minutes per day.

– Ensure adequate and early sleep, as the pineal gland releases most growth hormones, especially during deep sleep.

– Sunbathe to supplement vitamin D for effective height development.

– Consider the use of scientifically backed nutritional supplements for optimal bone growth.

Is Sound Wave Height Increase Harmful to Our Bodies?

Binaural sound waves used for height increase have a mild intensity at around 4.5 Hz and are generally not harmful to the average person. However, children under 7 years old and pregnant women should avoid listening to Binaural sound waves.

On the other hand, Subliminal sound waves with an intensity of up to 100 Hz can have negative effects on the body. Exposure to 19 Hz sound waves can lead to continuous eye oscillation. Some individuals may experience difficulty breathing, headaches, and fatigue when exposed to high-intensity sound waves. While not life-threatening, sound waves can temporarily cause hearing loss or so-called auditory paralysis. Therefore, sound waves can potentially impact health if used indiscriminately without expert monitoring and supervision.

The use of sound waves for height increase has yet to be thoroughly explained and proven. In contrast, its negative impact on health has been discussed considerably. Therefore, if you intend to increase your height using sound waves, you should carefully consider your options. Proper nutrition, regular physical exercise, early and sufficient sleep, and the use of nutritional supplements remain effective ways to enhance your stature that you should not overlook.


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